Fethiye Bays

Fethiye Bays


When it comes to Fethiye, it does not matter if it is local or foreign, you will get the same answer;


Selected as the most beautiful beach in the world with 82% votes in in 2016, this unique resort always makes visitors want to stay there. The lagoon among the pine forests on the right side, keeps itself clean naturally with the spring water and the tides circulating itself.

Beside the lagoon, the coastline extending to the center of Oludeniz is also worth a visit. With hotels and hostels with a capacity of approximately 3000-4000 beds, you can spend a dreamy holiday in the deep blue tones of the sea, next to the pine forests that float from the slopes. Oludeniz, where all kinds of activities can be done, is also another name for fun and adventure.

Babadag, which surrounds Oludeniz and protects the town with its imposing stance, is one of the most beautiful routes in the world for paragliding.

Fethiye Bays
Fethiye Bays


The Butterfly Valley is an enormous beauty that appears on the right side of the road when you drive 7 kilometers further from Oludeniz. Access to this bay is not available trough land and is done by boats running daily from Oludeniz. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

In order to see the tiger butterflies, the most well-known of the various butterfly species of the valley, you may have to climb the slopes of the valley. While it's a bit challenging, those who want to climb are accompanied by a beautiful view. You can cool off under the waterfall, which originates from the village of Faralya, which is located on the valley and pours from a height of 50 meters every season of the year. You can reach the waterfall with a half-hour walk and then a climb.

There is only one business that provides all the resources. Tent accommodation is the only choise because construction is forbidden. For this reason, it is one of the popular places for young backpackers.


Kabak Bay is located at the very end of the same road of Oludeniz - Butterfly Valley and is also a 1st degree protected area. As construction is not allowed, it offers both luxury and a outdoor holiday to its guests with its wooden houses and tents.

Kabak Bay is one of the few places in the region that remains untouched. Access to the bay is not available by vehicles and there are no constructions & hotels in the bay.

We recommend that you take the magical texture of pine forests behind you and see this bay to enjoy the sea, at least visit it for a few hours.

Fethiye has many unique bays besides these beautiful bays that we describe. If you have time or have seen these bays before and want to discover other beauties, our advice will be to take a look at the following bays as well;

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Fethiye Bays
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